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10" Octo Machined Wheel on 22" Off-Road Pro-Fit Tire Set

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Hit the trail in style by wrapping your cart in a brand new set of wheels and tires. Our 10” aluminum Octo wheels have a machined finish with black accents that will surely add style to your ride. The Octo wheels are mounted onto 22” Pro-Fit off-road tires and can handle any trail you choose.

This set contains standard lug nuts. Yamaha golf carts require metric lug nuts, part PF11156, which can be purchased separately.

  •  Includes: 4-10” Octo Wheel on 22” Off-Road Tire assemblies, 16 lug nuts and 4 center caps

  •  Wheels are made of aluminum with a machined finish

  •  3” + 4” off set with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern

  • 22x11 wheel size

  •  The 22” Pro-Fit tires are 4 ply all terrain directional tires

  •  *Will require at least a 4” lift for a proper fit*

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