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4 Gauge Golf Cart Battery Cable Set for Yamaha G22

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There are many reasons why your Yamaha golf cart could be giving you a subpar performance. Some of the reasons could be that the battery cables are frayed or corroded. Damaged battery cables can result in a poor battery charge and a decrease in battery life. After all, your cables are the important bridge between your batteries and your golf cart. So, installing a set of quality battery cables from Pro-Fit and performing routine maintenance will help your battery system run better and longer.

Benefits & Specs:

  • Provides a solid connection between your batteries and your golf cart

  • 4 gauge battery cables are thicker and improve corrosion resistance

  • For 36V or 48V electric golf carts

  • Recommended use on 48V electric golf carts


  •  1-9” battery cable, 4-16” battery cables and hardware


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