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4-Cycle Engine Axle Bearing

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The Rear Axle Bearing is an important part of the vehicle's suspension since it supports the full weight of the vehicle. This bearing also has a primary role in enabling the wheels to move easier and freely while reducing the amount of friction consistent with metal to metal contact. This item is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement. This bearing is essential to the vehicle's safety, therefore these bearings should be replaced before becoming worn.

Used on 1992-2008 E-Z-GO Gas Vehicles with a 4-Cycle, 295cc Fuji-Robin Engine, to include: Marathon, TXT, 4/6-Passenger Shuttle, Medalist, PC4/PC4X/PC4GX/PC4GXI, XI300/500/804, 804, ST 350, ST 400, Woods Boundary MAV 400, ST Sport, ST Sport II, ST Sport 2+2, Clays Car, ST Express, Workhorse-MPT (Multi-Purpose Truck) 800/1200, Refresher, Refresher 1200, Cushman 2/4/6-Passenger Bellhop, Cushman 280, and Cushman Commander 2200 Vehicles

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