A Smooth Ride Starts with the Right Wheels and Tires

A Smooth Ride Starts with the Right Wheels and Tires

Golf Cart Wheels and Tires You Need Now

E-Z-GO® wheels and tires give your golf cart a stylish, custom look. But just as your individual needs and uses vary, wheels and tires come in many types and styles. There are many factors to consider when choosing these important parts for your golf cart.

Golf carts from E-Z-GO® are designed to provide freedom for owners. While some seek out quality of the ride, others are focused on customizing their vehicles with an increasing array of options of factory-direct parts and accessories.

No matter what you choose to do when it comes to your golf cart’s style, keep in mind the importance of choosing the right wheels and tires. They’re the foundation of your ride.

Sizes of Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

When it’s time to replace worn-out golf cart tires and wheels, the first thing to consider is its size. Golf cart tires and wheels come in four sizes: 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches, each designed for certain tasks for both street and off-road use.

While eight inches are standard for golf course and fleet vehicles, 10-inch sizes can change the look of your golf cart by raising it just a little bit. They also are ideal for ease-of-access. Because 10-inch tires and wheels don’t increase the ride height of the golf cart too much, this size makes it easy for seniors, children, or differently-abled individuals to get into the seats without assistance.

The larger tires and wheels also add style without the cost of a golf cart lift kit. A lift kit is ideal for those looking for an additional two to four inches of ground clearance, perhaps for driving over uneven terrain.

Generally, 12- and 14-inch tires and wheels provide more options and designs, with the 12-inchers providing slightly better, smoother ride quality. The 14-inch category is our most popular; this size offers the versatility people are looking for when it comes to using or customizing their golf carts.

On-Street vs. Off-Road Accessories

The second major consideration is whether you’ll be using your vehicle on-street or other solid pavement, or off-road.

When driving on sidewalks and other smooth surfaces, golf cart owners tend to prefer a lower-profile tire look, simply for aesthetic reasons. However, if you ever drive on rougher surfaces, overall ride quality can be negatively impacted because there is less rubber between the ground and the golf cart wheel. If you aren’t going over lots of bumps or uneven ground, lower-profile tires will work just fine for you.

Off-road users, however, typically demand a deeper tread and higher sidewall to improve traction and ride quality. Deeper treads function better in off-road environments. When you use them on pavement, you’ll find they wear faster and cause a bumpier ride.

Directional vs. Non-Directional Tires

The third consideration is whether you want directional or non-directional golf cart tires. Radial and non-radial tires in each size category come with both options, but you should purchase tires that will best serve you.

Radial tires are designed with cord plies arranged at 90 degrees to the direction of travel, or radially from the center of the tire. Radial tires tend to support better steering and road contact. Non-radial tires are designed with cord plies located diagonally, which can enhance vehicle stability and resist sidewall damage.

Directional tires are designed unidirectionally, which means improved traction and performance. The tires are mounted on a specific wheel so there are two left-hand and two right-hand assemblies. You can’t rotate them to other positions because of this.

The treads on non-directional tires push dirt and water away from the center tread in wet conditions. Deeper tread and directional tires are great for off-roading because they move mud and dirt away from the center tread and keep the tire clean. Non-directional tires can be mounted in any position in any way.

When it comes to golf cart tires, also consider steel-belted models that offer greater flexibility and enhanced lifespan.

Customized Golf Cart Parts

One of the more fun benefits of owning a golf cart is the ability to customize your ride. Wheels of different colors, a plethora of hub cap designs, wheel covers, and accessories means there’s something for everyone.

Some owners prefer a slick, solid black-and-chrome look, while others try to emulate truck tires. The sky's the limit when it comes to customization options. Golf carts converted to be street vehicles are often given a sharp, clean look with tires and wheels that match the vehicle’s body color.

Take a look at our selection of tires and wheels from E-Z-GO®. Our products elevate the look of your golf cart with sporty and stylish wheel and tire options. You can purchase them online and have them shipped straight to your door so you can begin customizing your golf cart immediately, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Don’t Forget Golf Cart Maintenance

Like other parts, golf cart wheels and tires need TLC — that’s tender, loving care.

In general, golf cart tires can last about two seasons based on use of three to four times a week. Results can, of course, vary based on frequency of use or the distance you drive your golf cart.

To maintain optimal performance, check your owner’s manual for ideal tire PSI. Other than that, the same tips apply as cars and trucks. Keep tires clean, rotate them as recommended, and check treads for wear.

If you’re upgrading wheels, know that each requires 16 lug nuts. Make sure you have the correct tools before you begin and prop up the tires when working. The front wheels are easier to raise — just be sure to apply the parking brake first. Rear wheels are a bit trickier, so use caution. Check your owner’s manual, or see your local dealer for help.

Order Your New Golf Cart Parts Online

E-Z-GO® guarantees superior quality parts and accessories that are stringently tested for reliability and durability. With the largest selection of parts and accessories, these vehicles can be customized to enhance your lifestyle.

The look and feel of your golf cart is ultimately up to you, especially with the range of accessories on the market today. The biggest considerations are the safety and comfort of your ride. But, rest assured you don’t have to abandon having some style as well.

Shop tires and wheels online at shop.txtsv.com.

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