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  1. Special Price $20.21 Regular Price $33.69
    Electric Dump Harness


    Used on 1996-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric ST 350, ST Sport, ST Sport II, Workhorse-MPT 800/1200, and Cushman 280 Vehicles Learn More
  2. $1,074.34
    Electric Dump Kit for Plastic Beds


    Used on E-Z-GO Electric Workhorse / MPT / Industrial 1000E Learn More
  3. $1,491.61
    Electric Dump Kit for a Plastic Bed


    Used on 2003-current E-Z-GO Gas Industrial and Utility Vehicles Learn More
  4. Special Price $678.78 Regular Price $1,131.30
    40" Plastic Bed Assembly


    Plastic Bed for E-Z-GO MPT 1000 & 1200 Vehciles Learn More
  5. $1,974.10
    36-inch Plastic Bed Package for TXT


    Used on E-Z-GO TXT Vehicles Learn More
  6. Special Price $206.63 Regular Price $344.39
    43" Cargo Rack, Shuttle


    Used on 1995-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric TXT & Shuttle Vehicles Learn More
  7. Special Price $178.03 Regular Price $296.71
    30.5" Cargo Rack, Shuttle


    Used on 1997-current E-Z-GO 4 & 6 Passenger Shuttle Vehicles Learn More
  8. Special Price $569.38 Regular Price $948.96
    36" MPT Plastic Bed Assembly


    Used on E-Z-GO MPT 800 Models Learn More
    Out of stock
  9. $0.32
    Hex Nut #10-24


    Hex Nut #10-24 (needed for use of dump kit to bed) Learn More
  10. Special Price $4.48 Regular Price $7.46
    Toggle Guard Assembly


    Toggle Guard Assembly (needed for use of dump kit to bed) Learn More
    Out of stock
  11. Special Price $0.45 Regular Price $0.75
    14 Gauge Wire (Dump Kit)


    14 Gauge Wire (needed for use of dump kit to bed) Learn More
  12. $0.32
    Lock Washer-#10-CP


    Lock Washer #10 (Hardware needed for electric dump to bed) Learn More

Items 1-12 of 18

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