Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my serial number for my E-Z-GO?

The serial number is typically found near the passenger side glove box area, under the charger port on an electric car or choke on a gas car.

Where is the closest dealer to me?

You find the closest dealer to you by clicking on the link Dealer Locator at the bottom of ShopEZGO, ShopJacobsen or Pro-Fit Parts.

Can I receive a tax exemption for my purchase on ShopEZGO, ShopJacobsen or Pro-Fit Parts?

If you are a tax exempt organization, please create an account in the My Account section. During the account creation process, you can indicate that you are tax exempt and attach the necessary paperwork to verify your tax exempt status. Once your account is created, our Customer Service team will reach out to you if they need any additional information.

What are the different account types on the site?

General Account

Consumer account that pays with credit card or PayPal. This account is eligible for promotions sent through our email communications and posted on the homepage.

Business Account

Business that commits to spending $5,000 or more annually on the site. These accounts are eligible for a 10% discount on all products. Purchases are paid through credit card or PayPal.

To be eligible, a business license and tax ID form must be submitted at time of application. Accounts that do not purchase a minimum of $5,000 annually will revert to a General Account. These accounts will no longer be eligible for the 10% discount.

Direct Bill Account

A direct bill account has an open line of credit and/or a contract with Textron Specialized Vehicles. Purchases can be made through the open line of credit or using a credit card or PayPal. To create this account, provide your TSV account number, legal entity name, billing address and email address.

Dealer Account

Authorized dealer for E-Z-GO, Pro-Fit or Jacobsen that has chosen to pay by credit card or PayPal. These accounts cannot be requested through the account creation form. These are created on an as needed basis.

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