Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my serial number?

A: The serial number is typically found near the passenger side glove box area, under the charger port on an electric car or choke on a gas car. You can also reference our Serial Number Lookup for serial number locations and watch videos on how to locate your serial number.

Q: How do I know what make, model and year my E-Z-GO vehicle is?

A: To find this information, you can use the My Vehicle Tool on the main page.

Q: How do I become an E-Z-GO dealer?

A: Interested in becoming an authorized E-Z-GO dealer? Visit our website at and click "Become a Dealer" under the "Information & Resources” section.

Q: Where is the closest dealer to me?

A: You find the closest dealer to you by clicking on the link Dealer Locator at the bottom of the homepage.

Q: Can I receive a tax exemption for my purchase on

A: If you are a tax exempt organization, please create an account in the My Account section. During the account creation process, you can indicate that you are tax exempt and attach the necessary paperwork to verify your tax exempt status. Once your account is created, our Customer Service team will reach out to you if they need any additional information.

Q: Can I find E-Z-GO parts and accessories outside of the United States? Are there international dealers?

A: The answer to both questions is yes. See the list of international authorized E-Z-GO dealers to find parts and accessories outside of the United States.

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