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Faston Tab

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The Faston Tab is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement component installed on Gas E-Z-GO Vehicles typically in the brake pedal assembly. In electric vehicles, this tab is often required in the direction selector and is a hardware item in the accelerator switch on Marathon models.

Used on E-Z-GO Gas (Brake Assembly) and Electric (Direction Selector) 1989-1994 Marathon, 835, PC4/4X/4GX/4GXI, 1991-2008 640, 1991-2007 835, 1994 775/875, 1998-2004 875/881, 1991-2004 Shuttle 950, 1994-1999 Medalist, 1996-current TXT, 2012-current Gas TXT G5, 1994-current 4/6 Passenger Shuttle/ST Express, 2005-2009 Cushman Titan, and 2012 Cushman 280

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