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  1. $240.84
    Tinted Fold Down Windshield Kit


    Used on 1994-2013 E-Z-GO Gas & Electric TXT and Medalist vehicles.

    Learn More
  2. $204.71
    Clear Fold Down Windshield Kit for E-Z-GO TXT


    Used on 1994 - 2013 E-Z-GO Gas and Electric TXT and 1994-1999 Gas and Electric Medalist vehicles. With 54" Inch Top. Learn More
  3. $204.70
    Clear Fold Down Windshield Kit for Vehicles with 80" Top


    Used on Gas and Electric 1994-2013 TXT & 1994-1999 Medalist vehicles.

    Learn More
  4. $202.30
    Clear Flat Windshield Kit


    Used on 1996-2013 TXT, Medalist, and Workhorse/MPT 800/1000/1200 vehicles

    Learn More
  5. $238.43
    Clear, Split Windshield for Cushman 4/6-Passenger Vehicles


    Used on 2012 -Current Gas and Electric Cushman 4/6-Passenger Bellhop Vehicles Learn More
  6. $264.92
    Clip on Windshield Kit |Clear-Split Fold Down


    Used on TXT, Shuttle, ST Express 2/4/6

    Learn More
  7. $222.54
    Clear Flat Windsheild Kit for E-Z-GO TXT with 80" Top


    Used on 1994-2013 Gas and Electric E-Z-GO TXT and Shuttle 2+2 Vehicles with 80" Top. Learn More
  8. $262.27
    Clear Flat Windshield Kit for E-Z-GO Shuttle 2/4/6


    Used on E-Z-GO Gas and Electric ST Express, Shuttle, and Gas Bellhop Vehicles Learn More
  9. $226.38
    Tinted Split Windshield Kit for TXT Refresh


    Used on 2014 E-Z-GO TXT Refresh Vehicles Learn More

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