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  1. $18.54
    Breather Box


    Used on 1992-2008 Gas TXT, 4/6-Passenger Shuttle, ST 350...

    Learn More
  2. $365.60
    Remote Air Field Kit


    Used where remote air intake is desired Learn More
  3. $177.68
    Air Filter Housing Package


    Used on 1994-2007 E-Z-GO Gas TXT, Medalist, 4/6 Passenger Shuttle, and ST Express Vehicles with a 4-Cycle Fuji-Robin Engine Learn More
  4. $56.68
    Air Filter Housing (Gray)


    Used on all rectangular air boxes since 1995, except RXV Vehicles Learn More
  5. $43.34
    Standard Air Filter Housing | Black


    Used on 1998-2004 E-Z-GO Gas Models Learn More
  6. $143.05
    Air Cleaner Canister Assembly


    Used on E-Z-GO Gas Vehicles Learn More
  7. $164.26
    Air Cleaner Assembly (4-Cycle)


    Used on 1991-1994 E-Z-GO Gas & Electric Marathon Models Learn More

7 Items

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